Dogs, iced tea and oysters;

My current cravings:

Driving with a dog looking out.

A cold iced tea with lemon.

Raspberries. White macarons.

Wind tangling your hair/fur, Louis Khehela Maqhubela, mocktails and pancakes on abandoned tea plantations, arm’s length self-portraits (on film, Em’s camera), Cocoa Puff and Ghost chairs, dessert plates and oysters at Sunday brunch with Grandad on the piano, old family polaroids, sleeping pets, Limpopo sunsets, ice cream girls. Not pictured: coconut tofu curry, the local laundry, tacky red ‘I love U’ parcels from Africa, Singaporean ladies to the nines, straight girl-talk and rosé, Jägerbombs (the bad stuff), owl waltzes, candy, dynamite, Dory Previn and Skeeter Davis.

 – from m dashing


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