Victoria & Perry

A lovely friend in the egl circle, Victoria, had her wedding just last week, and she kindly invited many of the egl girls to her wedding. It was such a sweet affair, and I really liked the adorable story of how they had met as depicted in a cartoon video (they have been dating for 11 years), and how they came to pick up their little 4 felines (+ 1 chihuahua) through the years and found homes for them in their house and hearts.

Her dinner dress – the BTSSB Masquerade in Red, was a dream dress which she found only with much difficulty. But she looked absolutely ravishing and perfect in it. All her dresses looked so much like an egl princess’s dream!

I wish her happiness in her home and with her new hubby! But she is such a sensitive and caring soul, and I just think P is lucky to have found the sweetest wife.

(first 2 photographs and the last by Lim Chee Siong, the rest mine own from the night)

The next photograph, Victoria shared it was actually from her ‘rejected’ pile! But I thought she looked simply adorable…^-^


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