Gig posters

We’re doing film noir for this year’s play, and I’m suddenly in love with a little bit of what S calls ‘bloody colours’.

Posters by Scott Campbell

I’ve gone and done it and wrote a script called “The Bigwood Mystery”. Filming started last week and every bit has been awesome. C is great with accents and can do brilliant pure versions of British, Australian, American, Old Rodeo, Indian…even a slick mafia Italian. When he puts on a mask, a light comes on his face, and he asks me about his lines and the mood of the scene. The whole thing is simple, very sparse, amateur, but there is a little thrill deep within me in, bringing back the theatre memories. Is there anything more exciting that the pitch black darkness before a piece starts?

Had the happiest day yesterday… I think back to the line from the movie, “And my day was filled with light”.

I wish I could say more but my weekdays have been filled with work, numbers and excel tables, and the nights cat-musing with my new colleague PB (who has an adorable feline who does not sleep with him, Neko) or walking alone by the Clarke Quay river with gelato in my hand. I read Grisham’s Skipping Christmas in the train till I fell asleep. I think Grisham is a truly intriguing person to be able to write a modern version of a feelgood seasonal story. What with placing Frostys on the roof and police calendars. So, one part of the story is, the dude wanted to skip Christmas and a couple’ of policemen walked over to sell em’ police calenders. Dude refused, and remembered the calendars from past years with scantily clad policemen in all sorts of undress (only males like that sort of thing). The policeman then muttered that he wished to hide in some corner in wait of dude to jump up at him to issue a parking ticket. Haha!

J and I went out yesterday and we found a little mask for my upcoming masquerade party and the ball (2 parties, the same theme!) It is silver with little feathers on a stick. I want to dramatize it, but I don’t know what to do.



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