It’s real for us

*“It’s real for us,” said Snape. “Not for her. But we’ll get the letter, you and me.”

“Really?” whispered Lily.

“Definitely,” said Snape, and even with his poorly cut hair and his odd clothes, he struct and oddly impressive figure sprawled in front of her, brimful of confidence in his destiny.

This year, I found Harry Potter in one of my downloaded kindle collections and decided to give it a read, just for old time’s sake, and became quite addicted and finished all the books in a week. They are awesome. I always had my tirade against fantasy writing but J.K Rowling made all the difference. I feel towards Harry Potter the way I do towards little cats. Little leaps of affection when I think of Veelas, the twins, the Nimbus broomstick, or Cho, really.


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