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Soap bubble love!~~

Must finish my economics chapters today. I’ve been so worried about some work issues this week, and going out for lunches with friends – how despairing for my cfa books! Leaving for the national library today in a bid to study (the home has more than a hundred distracting things, including the kitten who wants to snuggle and play).

I won the soap bubble skirt!~~ I was so surprised no one else bid for it…I think I have a liking for things which are sometimes not very popular. It has been on my wishlist for several months.  I loved it the moment I saw the stock pics…

At a risk of sounding like Danny again, I fell in love with this little girl : )

Aw….I love the wispy quality of the picture.


Hamsters after my own heart!~

I want to learn the pink panther dance!~~ Haha!! XD Rainie makes me fall in love with red again. I love the way the wardrobe mistress was so attentive in this show, tiny little details were all in various shades of red – pink, mauve, light pink etc. after the Pink Panther subline.

Ok…umm off to study.