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Strawberry Hersheys;

“If just one of [those people] experiences life as a crazy adventure–and I mean that he, or she, experiences this every single day… Then he or she is a joker in a pack of cards.” – Jostein Gaarder

I’ve meant to write for some time, but have been swarmed with some affairs. Currently obsessed with Sontag, and bought sets of Barthes/Sontag/Freud on impulse. Sontag’s Against Interpretation is one of the most brilliant works I’ve read for some time, and I have been emotionally involved in her essays and her Barthes/Kafka comparisons ever since I embarked on the first chapter. I’ve scribbled so many thoughts on the sides of pages, but know that I will plainly forget all these  thoughts (except for those thoughts which end up in broken stuttered messages to the globe-trotting best friend), which simply (delightfully!) gives me an excuse to start all over again.

Day out in Universal Studios, decked out in egl, with an old friend whom I’ve not seen since fish and chips in London! Its a pity E could not join us on this visit … (or their respective other halves)…

I was convinced by the end of the trip however, that C must know half of Singapore because we must have bumped into more than 20 people who had a word to share with C…(who could recite the scripts in rides and knew every single thing that was going to happen yet enjoyed it haha)

Nevertheless C, thanks for humouring my amusement-park like childish ambitions and finishing the lyrics of every musical song I sung, for your awesome company and all the Betty Boop presents! I think we properly re-lived our childhood for the day.

Some of the shots I took for the day (more pending editing):

The place was split into several ‘themes’ – Madagascar/Jungle theme, Far Far Away (castle theme), Hollywood, Egypt, Sci-Fi, New York…and no prizes for guessing which was my favourite

C seems to feel the same way.

Other news – I got a proposal to live in the treehouse below for the rest of my life…

I don’t even know what character he is supposed to be, ha ha!

I rather like the old-fashioned swinging 70s burger joint, but where’s the music and waitresses on skates?

But there were a couple of vintage cars outside… I rather like the black saloon cars (drive in cars?)

C hates peanut butter, but who could resist a shot next to cookie guy.

Rapunzel, let down your hair~!

C’s a daredevil of sorts and he was a tad upset that his favourite rollercoaster was closed…(he says his girlfriend is even more courageous than him and would want to go on umpteen times 0.0 Korean girls’ courage. I, on the other hand, am going nowhere near *that* (shudders).

Overall had so much fun! ~~ Would love to go again next time… : )

D/L Outfit breakdown:
Dress by Angelic Pretty / Dreamy Dollhouse Mint ; Headband by AP /Rose Toilette Mint; Roses by Shirley Temple; Wristcuffs by AP; Socks by AP/ Dreamy Dollhouse Mint; Boots by Rose Chocolat; Cupcake  Rings by the very talented Totalmentediva (will write an appreciative entry for her sweet commission soon!)