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Haven’t uploaded the photographs for ages! I want to go with S and R again soon~ One never has chances at work.

CIMG8869JPG_effected-001.jpg picture by maspicCIMG8872JPG_effected.jpg picture by maspicCIMG8877JPG_effected.png picture by maspic

Brought this adorable mint-pink clutch by the lovely lady of S-Chick!

There is a quirky sort of beauty to Clarke Quay at night.


Princess Guinevere;

I’m in love with another dress… (story of my life)… But as time goes by…I realized I have been missing vintage… and it was a vintage dress with quaint darling roses which brought me back to my first love…vintage dresses, complete with tulle petticoats and simple classic heels. Black and white images, long drawn stories, Ascot hats and fripperies, a poodle before the fire, scottish fold cats.

So I’m keeping some basic pieces and some favourite sweet pieces that I simply can’t bear to sell…and am moving back to the vintage 50s, I shall stubbornly live in the past… and be that Dita that Will always chided me for,

Some of the pictures that have captured me recently… of roses on vintage dresses… My favourite flower ardently layered on a series of dresses…~

I miss London with an intensity, I realized today. Beansprouts, I wonder if you feel like this too?

The party today was wonderful. I am so exhausted, I apologize for not writing back to everyone.


A fashion blogger with her Phillip Rhodes hat…I think it is my absolute dream hat, I think she looks absolutely exquisite. Actually, she also reminds me a little of ST’s mother, oh dear!  : )

I love the way the green sash accentuates the watercolour leaves of the roses! This is the dreamiest party dress, I can just imagine walking out in this with a light hat into Spring.

This is the epitome of everything I wish for in a Spring dress.

There is something about the stalks of roses scattered that is so very romantic…

Tease me, show me a bright frippery of a pink bow, and I’m yours forever. Didn’t you always know?