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Vera Vague;

Sometimes I think it is marvellous to step back into a film noir universe, and when I do I think of “Laura“. It wasn’t the best, but it was a smoky, decadent black and white romance.

Tonight, watched TRAVAUX, ON SAIT QUAND ÇA COMMENCE at the Alliance Francaise theatre. So zany and absurd, makes me want to dance to Spanish music, paint my walls bright pink, and hide a chicken in the wall. Let me spoil the plot for you that at the end of the movie, Hugh Grant walks in holding a bag of goldfish.

Chantal Letellier is a “wonderful woman.” She’s a lawyer. She always wins her cases. In her professional life she’s a heavyweight, but in her private life she’s a pushover. She’s divorced – and didn’t even litigate – and is saddled with two teenage kids who are very well brought up in a bad kind of way. When it comes to love, think “desert” – she’s got no time. But flesh is weak and one night she lets loose with a client. Undoes a few buttons and then a few buttons more. He falls madly in love with her and settles in. To get rid of him, she undertakes major renovations with the intention of making the house unlivable.

I am not very sure on how I feel about french movies. But then I watch one and I watch the next one again and again. I suppose it means I like them, the way I would see someone I like again and again. Sometimes there are terrifically bad moments, so bad that they remain in your mind like a octopus monster in a french ballet dancer’s room in a queer movie. Sometimes the moments are tender, sexy, delicate. I remember the days in jc of eating cheese and watching french movies without subtitles which I didn’t understand. But laughter, spirit on screen is contagious. It is something like that.

Its a bit like looking through the lenses of someone else, certain french movies. You nibble a little on a piece of someone’s mind.

The models used in that famous American Gothic painting.

warningdontreadthis: The models used in the “American Gothic” painting.


 Met E and J for dinner again…sashimi and gelato…so much like old times.

J’s an ENTJ like me! Looking back at the old photo….somehow it is just surreal how all the years have passed…And soon E will be married soon!

I think the world turns while I still remain very much a child… being happy with my little cup of matcha gelato.


Time of the Assassins

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Time of the Assassins

I walk in a line
I see where I’m going
I turn inside out
The days that I’ve known
I face to myself
And give up the ghost
I turn in my mind
What time already knows

In the Time Of The Assassins
They say hallelujah
It doesn’t take a miracle to raise a
Heart from the dead

I sift through the ash
I look for a sign
I open the wound
That keeps me in line
The shoulder that turns
The flame that goes out
The chapter I close

In the Time Of The Assassins
They say hallelujah
It doesn’t take a miracle to raise a
Heart from the dead

And can something change
But still feel the same

Air Supply

G and I had a retro evening two weeks ago at the Air Supply concert, and we had so much fun running to catch gray-haired tiddly winks guy and singing to old -school favourites like All Out of Love!

I grew up to Air Supply, really, and though never that obsessive a fan, it was so fun joining the old crowd (I think we were the only young people besides the kids that the old folks bring) but it was so corny and old school, it was good fun! And it was great seeing G again and hearing of his near death adventures in Philippines (which led to his finding the love of his life – congrats, G!)

I realize the best part of love is the thinnest lace
And it don’t count for much but I’m not letting go
I believe there’s still much to believe in

So lift your eyes if you feel you can
Reach for a star and I’ll show you a plan
I figured it out
What I needed was someone to show me

You know you can’t fool me
I’ve been loving you too long
It started so easy
You want to carry on

Lost in love and I don’t know much
Was I thinking about
Fell out of touch
But I’m back on my feet
Eager to be what you wanted

So lift your eyes if you feel you can
Reach for a star and I’ll show you a plan
I figured it out
What I needed was someone to show me

You know you can’t fool me
I’ve been loving you too long
It started so easy
You want to carry on

Tim Walker – W Magazine

A captivating re-invention of Irving’s favourite girl, Scarlett Johansson.

scarlet johansson w magazine woody allen

scarlet johansson tim walker w magazine

As fashionforlunch notes, “Recognising the names of legendary performers from the past (including sullen silent film actor Buster Keaten and the ‘female Chaplin’ Giulietta Masina), it’s seeing Johansson mocked up as Marlene Dietrich and Sarah Bernhardt so eerily well that most does justice to the effort of the shoot.”


Currently very much my inspiration for the moment:

French couturier Madame Carmen de Tommaso established Carven in 1945 with an atelier on the Champs-Élysées, and her clientele quickly grew to include screen stars and royals alike. Now, with former Givenchy designer Guillaume Henry at the creative helm, the fashion house is opening an exciting new chapter in ready-to-wear. Look out for statement cocktail dresses, perfectly cropped pants and heavy-weight wool coats.

“We did this collection in two months with the idea of a really charming girl who doesn’t know how charming she is. In terms of proportion, everything is all too long or too short,” he said of his spring line. Carven’s current season is about new combinations–a man’s jacket with pyjama pants, or a little lavender dress with a cashmere tank underneath—focusing on what an outfit appears to show and what it appears to hide. Henry then pointed to a white and black zigzag print dress displayed on a mannequin in the corner of the room. It’s his favourite piece from the collection, he explained, because the dress, like a scarf, hangs loosely from the body and is tied around the waist with no zipper to fasten. The dress defines the cool style and effortless appeal Henry has hoped to capture in this collection.

For autumn/winter, Guillaume Henry has taken a more sophisticated approach. Like many of the lines shown at fashion week, Henry has a few lovely camel-coloured coats up his sleeve for Carven. The line also includes second-skin dresses with a lot of draping to break up the silhouette and beautiful stretchy dresses done in a “smoke” technique, which makes the silk muslin look like it has little ruched pockets throughout the fabric. “I like the idea that you can just put it in your bag, and you’re ready to party,” Henry says of these skin-tight frocks.


On another irreverent note;

So I have not been writing, but I have not been reading anything substantial either, besides a lovely biography of Kate Hepburn and her vivacious, startling life and the claim that she was lesbian with all these beautiful women around her. My thoughts are now flying to new outlets with the Whatsapp application and my new data plan has been excitedly downloading similarly irreverent and useless things. I don’t know why I have not thought of this before!

The mentor has been promoted to partner, I have new weddings to attend, my new favourite colour is bright orange, I re-met E and J and had a whale of a time on fond old group memories. I have oyster cravings. I am going to watch this french film with an absurd plot on Tuesday, and I am still waiting on Jules et Jim, French New Wave is my new thing and I am crazy over Taschen photobooks at Books Actually and wish I could buy them all! Even work is getting better and the legal research is getting more substantial. H sent me macchiato lip gloss and reminded me of the time we shopped for chocolate lip balm at Oxford Street when I was 15 (at that age, every street in London dazzled and we were running everywhere and life was exciting and better than those 14-age dreams). I’m wearing lucite heels and embracing new evenings and learning time variations.

I also watched Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere which I had been longing to watch on promises that it was a Lost in Translation mood, but it was a little too Ulysses and lol on the guy who falls asleep while watching two striptease poledancers. Supposedly the twin fantasy.

But everything was so modern this week and I feel like George Cukor faced with the possibility of going alternate and the new world of doing things. It is June and the summer and everyone’s falling in love or in love and my cat hides in dark corners. Etto is coming to visit for dinner (Etto claims I live in the boondocks and I can only say that I introduce people to Singaporean cows). All weekend I’ve been working on regression again but I’ll soon move on to economics and foreign trade theories. Etto says I should read French Women Don’t Sleep Alone, just to improve my love life.

But I miss you Irving, and wherever you are in China or Shangri La or some sort of Casablanca, do drop me a note and tell me who stole your water bottle in German.

What’s In Your Bag – Jason Travis

A little bit like the ‘What Shoes They Are Wearing’ idea, pretty cool and I could totally see how they matched!

Jason Travis went around asking if he could photograph random strangers’ bags.

She’s like a modern age burlesque dancer.

I am curious about what the thing on the left does. And is that bacon?

Swiss knife AND a pepper spray. Dangerous girl.

“Simple needs”.

I love the little bottle of je t’adore.

My favourite dude.

Pretty common, but still quite cool.