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When cats get groovy;

I promised I’ll write about the groovy feline party organized by the Cat Welfare Society on Friday – (how could I curb Beansprouts from offering his catty puns on the event?).

It was a whimsical night, with Post-Museum tucked away in a little corner near Farrer Park train station (I’ll probably go back with a friend to try one of those quaint little Indian restaurants another day, very Brick Lane and curiosity about curry) – pretty glad I’ve discovered new places lately, like the up-and-coming vintage bazaar of Haji Lane.

A key part of the evening for me was the adorable little exhibition (admitably it has been going on for some time, but I haven’t had time to go take a look) dedicated to our feline friends! There was a series of feline inspired art, and lovely photographs of cats all around the world… (I am guessing the bicycle features a cat welfare member in action, complete with kitty sterilization and care supplies!)

And of course I couldn’t resist getting my hands on some kitty inspired supplies!~








I got some kitty stickers and a kitty hairclip – which is featured in the last photo (I got the white and brown one, because it of course reminds me of my little Tempura)

Maia Lee performed for the night, I don’t remember where she’s from (guilty as charged) but I do love her bubbly personality! Her songs were rather sweet and lovely for the evening.

We had two other performers, Nicholas Tan and another jazz singer (the latter did a version of pop jazz…) Rather refreshing for the evening, and makes me want to pick up my guitar again…

Overall it was a great evening, kudos to the organizers! Its a pity I had to miss Cats Day Out as I was home studying, but I think my cat is also too cat-shy to meet other cats (she just pretends to be fierce when she’s scared, haha!)

 Photos by K.K Davis, shared with permission



I have been busier at work since it is the first week of inspections, but yet at times I do really enjoy it! I enjoy looking over several matters at once, it keeps me on my tippy-toes of sorts, and though some of the talks and work tend towards IT-acronyms (not the best for a luddite), after last week, I have been indulging in a whole matter of super-user and server discussions, and have learnt more about servers than I think I have my whole life.

I learnt that the head of market surveillance is a lawyer too, so if anything encourages me, if he can do it, I better get my act out and learn all the proliferation of IT words to add to my limited inspection checklist vocabulary!

Just for the moment, I love inspections. I wonder if my colleagues in the banking division feel the same. Its even better when good outcomes arise from it.

I have not been able to do any reading in the past week as a result, but last night, managed to finally have a little moment (and energy!) to settle down to a good book in the train, Milan Kundera’s Identity.

Sometimes – perhaps only for an instant- we fail to recognize a companion; for a moment their identity ceases to exist, and thus we come to doubt our own. The effect is at its most acute in a couple, where our existence is given meaning by our perception of a lover, and theirs of us.

For some years I had been living of a thought, or a memory of a thought, of that moment with someone in my life. And last night Kundera put words to how I had felt –

“Much later, after she had left her husband and lived several years with Jean-Marc, she was at the seashore one day: they were dining outdoors, on a wooden deck over the water; she retains an intense memory of whiteness: the deck, the tables, the chairs, the tablecloths, everything was white, the lampposts were painted white and the bulbs beamed a white light against the summer sky, not yet dark, where the moon, itself white too, was whitening everything around them. And in this bath of white, she was struck by a feeling of unbearable nostalgia for Jean-Marc.

Nostalgia? How could she feel nostalgia when he was right in front of her? How can you suffer from the absence of a person who is present? (Jean-Marc knew how to answer that: you can suffer nostalgia in the presence of the beloved if you glimpse a future where the beloved is no more; if the beloved’s death is, invisibly, already present”.

Some other keepsakes:

“It is always that way: between the moment he meets her again and the moment he recognizes her for the woman he loves, he has some distance to go. At their first encounter, in the mountains, he had had the luck to get away alone with her almost immediately. If, before that one-on-one enocounter, he had spent much time with her as she was among other people, would he have recognized her as the beloved being? If he had known her only with the face she shows her colleagues, her bosses, her subordinates, would that face have moved and enchanted him? To these questions he has no answer”.

“I see their two heads, in profile, lit by the light of a little bedside lamp: Jean-Marc’s head, its nape on a pillow; Chantal’s head leaning close above him.

She said: I’ll never let you out of my sight again. I’m going to keep on watching you and never stop.’

And after a pause: ‘I get scared when my eye blinks. Scared that during  that second when my gaze goes out, a snake or a rat or another man could slip into your place.’

He tried to raise himself a little to touch her with his lips.

She shook her head: ‘No, I just want to watch you’.

And then: ‘I’m going to leave the lamp on all night. Every night’.

 Sometimes I feel pensive, exhausted – reading Kundera.

I realized I haven’t uploaded some shots since the last study session in the airport- and since my last time there (to the other terminals), the place has changed much and is teeming with children. But the viewing gallery is now less romantic as before perhaps, flooded with bright lights and exhibits, running children, a blocked Esplanade like barred windows, and the overall air of consumerism.

I am not very patriotic or modern, and miss the old airport.

I feel like a tourist often, in my own country. But I don’t think so much as I once did about it, anymore. (ps: I actually did no editing with the photographs below, was quite surprised by the mirrored effect, which I quite like about the new terminal, in an Evelyn Waugh sort of way (who designed the concrete house again?))

The little girl I watched for a long while who stared at the plane she could not see in full view.

Swensens, in particular Swensens’ orange sherbert and mint ice cream, is a fond momento of my childhood. And their signature coloured lighs, which also remind me of the restaurant ST and I visited in Venice.

Went for a cat welfare event last night which was good fun. Love the vivaciousness of Maia Lee! Will write more about the event next time. Met some new people, and gushed about cats with a fellow cat lover on the way back to the station, where we talked about everything – our cats’ morning routines, the way they hop sideways when our cats get excited, their jealousy, the way they choose people to love, how dogs compare to cats (but we both love dogs too!) and the way cats never, never understand that weekends are for sleeping in (until you throw them off the bed).

Off for another studying weekend…and I am still in the middle of the same valuation formulas, which is reasonably tragic!

Signalling the weekend: My ‘cabaret cloak’, as YY calls it, and a black/white camellia headband from my collection.

Slowly nearing the end of the day. I read through files mostly, and there were the usual conferences…

“But now I am return’d, and that war-thoughts have left their places vacant, in their rooms come thronging soft and delicate desires . . .” – Much Ado about Nothing, Shakespeare

Musical note~

I dislike last minute snipers, I really do. I don’t recall ever losing to a last minute sniper, but still.

Regardless, I still managed to get my Shirley Temple Musical Note dress!~

I am really so tired after the inspection today- its the first day but! I was really feeling down today after some revelations occurred in the day.

One thing which encouraged me a little, was however, the fact that my head stood up for me and endeavoured to really help me in the process, though hr still rejected my application to let me take no pay leave to take my bar course in the end.

My boss suggests I should opt for a Masters in Harvard instead, and go for an LLM  like how I originally considered. Both my bosses had done their LLMs in Harvard, and speak well of the course- though his forte is competition law, whereas my interests gear towards international finance.

But we’ll see how life takes its course. Maybe today’s rejection is a sign that there was something else meant for me after all.

Le coup de soleil – Richard Cocciante /sous-titres français

I was burned by the sun
And by the love, the love for you
Somehow, I remember
As if in a dream, so beautiful you were,
At night, I don’t sleep any more
I travel, in a wrecked boat
I saw you, in barely a sheet of silk
I no longer sleep, come, come see me tomorrow

But you are not there, my dream in vain
Since you left, at night I no longer sleep
But you are not there. You know,
I would like to go there
By your window, visit you in your paradise

I put your pictures in my songs
And the sailboats in my house
I would like to row the boat, but I no longer could
I look around, don’t like this place anymore
I was hundred-year old; could not recognize myself
Don’t love these people any more since I saw you
Don’t want to dream more, I would like you to come
To fly to me, make me love you

There it is. It’s clear that I should decide
To build walls around and fell into the emptiness
I know you are waiting by the fountain
I saw you coming down from the rainbow
I am splashed by the water, the summer rain
I sail the boat in my place
The day is so beautiful, one could paddle
Sea is calm, one could sail…

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and a richness to life that nothing else can bring. – Oscar Wilde

One of my favourite memories – movie nights with Will and Beansprouts, snug in a big sofa in Will’s cosy London apartment (somehow I always thought it as such), on coke floats and strange movie choices for the evening – The Squid and the Whale was one such instance, and Stephen King’s Carrie- I think we were laughing more than anything else – and Princess Momoke – where I carried on a 10 minute conversation with Will before I realized he had fallen asleep (alas! the revelation of how vivacious am I!)

Thus it was bearing these lovely memories in mind that I came across this movie review yesterday by John Powers, albeit an old movie, but something I want to watch (despite the fact that The Squid and the Whale really disturbed me);

“Movies about summer romance are like old standards in musicthe trick is to make them seem fresh. Set in 1987 Pittsburgh, Adventureland offers a tender spin on the story of a naive college grad trying to become worldly enough to win the girl of his dreams. Jesse Eisenberg is hyperarticulate James Brennan, who, to pay his way through Columbia’s Journalism School, takes a summer job at Adventureland, a crumbling amusement park with crooked games, goofy rides, and a resident Lothario. Like everyone else there, James starts to regress, until he meets his alluring, tart-tongued co-worker Em, who’s sophisticated in ways he never imagined.

Adventureland was written and directed by Greg Mottola (The Daytrippers), a sneaky smart filmmaker who knows how to make a story about young people appeal to grownups. Wielding a sly sense of period nostalgia, he deftly uses the park’s childishness as a metaphoric backdrop for James and Em’s struggle with tricky adult emotions. The slight story is kept aloft by his charismatic young stars. As he showed in The Squid and the Whale, Eisenberg is terrific at playing passionate characters of their own intelligence.”

I was feeling terribly down the night before… …But then Beansprouts inordinately appeared at the right time and cheered me up so much…and made me laugh so much at so many moments (which is a difficult thing to do when I was reading about inventories and long-lived assets at the other end)

And now when I play Anita O’ Day, I will think of you. And of course, your interpretation of Honeysuckle Rose. Thank you Best Friend!~

Doesn’t that girl with the hat and the camera remind you of me, and doesn’t that girl who ONLY cared about her scone remind you of you?

Some people ask me why I love jazz. Sometimes I think, it is partly because of the jazz crowd. A jazz crowd is absurd, particular, atavistic, in more ways than one – they never order the same thing, they order tons of the same things, there is no love in a love song – the same moments make the same individuals come alive.

And Tea for Two is great- I didn’t even recognize it was that! These two songs are not my favourite, but what a performance from Anita O’Day! And the very songs I want to play to wake you up in the morning, dear Beansprouts!

Kitty in a bubble;

Once again the Saturday comes, but I have been rather moody of late because of the ST situation. What should I do, Beansprouts? I feel constantly sad, I drink too much coffee, I pensively read first pages of every book, but I don’t feel right to start or finish anything lately.

I have thus been involved in being amused by foolish things.

The cat has been exceptionally clingy recently, begging to be hugged, crawling into my lap, offering me little rubs in the morning, and mewing every moment for a speckle of affection.

I, a bemused owner, (in the course of discovering new cat playthings)recently discovered bubble wand kits again! I first fell in love with them when I saw them in Kelly’s shop, but then two days ago I came across them in my local mart, and had to get two – in pink and yellow – immediately! Who could resist blowing bubbles from an adorable ice cream cone?

Thus, this afternoon, I introduced my little kitten to bubbles! But she was so frightened that she squeaked and yelped and hid against every large non-living thing she could muster. Each time a little brilliant bubble so much as kissed her little fluffy self, she would squeak and jump and begged to be hugged afterwards. Aw! I ended up chasing her up and down the stairs, behind television sets, under chairs and beds, trying to blow bubbles at her! What a cruel owner! Haha!

Now, for those who are deeply concerned about my kitten’s welfare at this stage- rest assured- she is once again curled up in my lap – the naughty and mischief of bubbles all forgiven, and every now and then she mews to be stroked. But I did love filling the whole room with bubbles- a very disorientated and special thing for a Saturday afternoon in the midst of reading my books!

  I have been very busy at work lately – mostly planning for next week’s inspection. There are documents to look over, the retreat details to consider, and also my own transcripts to finish. I haven’t managed to read much of cfa, and my mind has been rather filled by these matters to pay attention to the more prosaic formulas and things of yester-day. I wish to go away again, to be able to read in cosy corners, so that I can be devoted to the first page and stay in the same place to the end.

Recent outdoor outfits…

That day I walked out again in a little vintage Givenchy black dress, all tulle and lace, with a purple corsage waist belt for a little afternoon shopping trip…~

Chose a little silver vintage bag for the day ~

And later in the day, did a little shopping! I am newly in love with togas after first being introduced to Bonitochico’s interpretation of the toga for sale. 

Pardon the skirt, as I was just trying it for purposes of seeing the length of the toga. This piece is by Mphosis, which I love for their simple black/white coordinates.

Also met up with Danny (old housemate) in the evening for jazz. I adore Jazz@Southbridge, and Melissa Tham who was performing that night was utterly brilliant. We especially loved ‘Honeysuckle’ and ‘Stairway to the Stars’ – her interpretations of some of my favourite classics simply blew me away. I tried finding other versions of her songs, but the available internet ones simply cannot compare. Photographs from my old camera as my dslr battery was out. 

The food and drinks were great, even better than when they used to be at Boat Quay! D & I really piled it up as we were hungry from our night walk, and we ordered a version of lamb (as below, my favourite), beef burgers, and other seafood. D swears by his beer, but I opted for a non-alcoholic Pussy foot, which does round up this post, doesn’t it.

I loved the place so much, I think I’ll have my birthday party there. You know I am always a secret jazz girl at heart.

All my love till the next entry~

There’s a silver trail of moonlight leading upward to the sky
And the night is like a velvet lullaby
There’s a heaven of blue
And we’ll go there, just you and I

Let’s build a stairway to the stars
And climb that stairway to the stars
With love beside us to fill the night with a song

We’ll hear the sound of violins
Out yonder where the blue begins
The moon will guide us as we go drifting along

Can’t we sail away on a lazy daisy petal
Over the rim of the hill?
Can’t we sail away on a little dream
And settle high on the crest of a thrill?

Let’s build a stairway to the stars
A lovely stairway to the stars
It would be heaven to climb to heaven with you

– Glenn Miller version