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My Only Chance;

Does anyone remember this vintage favourite, by our very own homegirl, Kit Chan? It was one of the pieces in the Singaporean musical, Forbidden City (Portrait of an Empress).

It is very nostalgic, in many ways.

If that is not sufficient to bring back the memories, I am sure most will remember this:

The comments to the video below are rather disturbing, however. I hear them rather often from many Singaporeans.


Happy Halloween Weekend;

Halloween inspiration board glamour black gold gothic 3

Halloween inspiration board glamour black gold gothic

Photographs by The City Sage

The Imperial

The Morning Walk, Palm Springs – That Wondrous Time

The boss has a mansion there with an awesome piano and the beach as his night-time hangout. I’m as jealous as peach.

Red doll;

One of my favourite Etsy designers has always been Tatyana Merenyuk of Red Doll, who has produced some very whimsical burlesque creations in the past years and very much sums up the adventurous high tea spirit of Etsy.

I’ve never ordered anything from Red Doll yet, being more of a Dolly Pearl nature myself, but I do find myself wishing to be in the lifestyle of these pieces in a Russian wintertime.

My favourite, the black and white ruffled crazy skirt which does have voluminous ruffles!

Black and White Crazy Ruffled Skirt  Custom Order
The silk organza Polina dress;
Beautiful Silk Organza Polina Dress
Something more of my nature, the little pleated white dress;
Black Silk Organza Pleated French Maiden Dress
The delicious creme brulee cake of a dress;
Creme Brule Dress
I don’t particularly like creme brulee, but isn’t it a delicious word, Irving?

Cristiana Conceiro

Someone today asked me on my thoughts on advertising and new media.

And I asked if he knew of the Lisbon based designer Cristiana Conceiro.

In a  issue of Moloko, she talked about gathering source material. “On Saturdays I like to go through the flea market collecting memories. Feira da Ladra as we call it here in Lisbon. That means Thief Fair, which is funny collecting other people’s memory to build a new one”. Her source material comes from a variety of modern sources including: record covers, Canadian logos, 1960s paperback books, Latvian magazines, Swiss posters, as well as work from the Bauhaus.

Conceiro has created some of my favourite illustrations in the market, very much art, but still commercially appealing.

La Mer

Irving, Irving, how could you not know La Mer! So this entry is for you.

I found the Charles Trenet (the most well known version) for you, I like the Francoise Hardy even more, but then you have always liked the men more the way I like the women.

Francoise Hardy

And just for you…just say it after me…Vitameatavegamin…just like candy! I love Lucille Ball!

I have been working on Civil Procedure for the weekend and start of this week. Amidst some worthy distractions. Its pretty heady consolidating all the work that I’ve done for the later half of the year. I still think it is manageable though, and I like Civil Procedure and Conveyancing, in a strange sort of way, the process of ticking the boxes. Criminal law is really getting me down though, mostly because of the Indian and Chinese sea of names that I cannot seem to memorize. And they complain about the Greeks!

I think I will probably be working hard for the examinations all the way to the start of December. I hope I get through it, though its  voluminous and stresses less on substance. It is quite hard to focus given the volume of procedure that is involved. Law in university was alot more enjoyable in comparison. But still it reminds me of the high-spirited way I used to like Xi Zi – the chinese exercise in primary school where students had to copy out the same words or sentences a copius number of times. Everyone pretty much hated it, but I confess one of my favourite things in school was always Xi Zi. I never could write better than everyone else, but doing the same thing over can be quite calming.

It is also rather nice to be well and truly alone typing in the near darkness. I wish there was best friend working on the same thing too, but it is still pretty comforting to hear him recite titles of sections in the Hong Kong version of the Rules of Court. It is as though he is moving where I am, though in a different arena and jurisdiction, and maybe we get the same slanted epiphanies.