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Postcards from Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers in One Box

I want this so much!! But such a crazy price! And what can I ever do with them? Write postcards to my best friend Irving back and forth?

This is a collection of 100 postcards, each featuring a different and iconic Penguin book jacket. From classics to crime, here are over seventy years of quintessentially British design in one box. In 1935 Allen Lane stood on a platform at Exeter railway station, looking for a good book for the journey to London. His disappointment at the poor range of paperbacks on offer led him to found Penguin Books. The quality paperback had arrived. Declaring that ‘good design is no more expensive than bad’, Lane was adamant that his Penguin paperbacks should cost no more than a packet of cigarettes, but that they should always look distinctive. Ever since then, from their original – now world-famous – look featuring three bold horizontal stripes, through many different stylish, inventive and iconic cover designs, Penguin’s paperback jackets have been a constantly evolving part of Britain’s culture. And whether they’re for classics, crime, reference or prize-winning novels, they still follow Allen Lane’s original design mantra. Sometimes, you definitely should judge a book by its cover.


Spelling your name – from Corey


Yesterday, afternoon while we were preparing Sunday lunch at La Madone a spilled box of alphabet pasta brought a flood of memories to the surface. Don’t you just love when out of the blue something comes and taps you on your shoulder bringing you a memory that causes you to stop and smile?

The alphabet pasta spilled on the floor, it was an accident that reminded me of my Mother.
She made chores into a game. Spilled milk was after all was not a big deal when we were taught that cleaning it up is far more fun than crying about it.

Name-game Letters


On a snowy day a box of spilled pasta spells out a memory as warm as any hug.

The tweeting cat;

I must be very much one of those crazy cat owners for I actually found this terribly adorable ^-^

Very busy at classes, have not had much sleep and have been rushing tutorials like a mad rabbit. The mad rush will end next Tuesday with a lighter schedule next week, however! Sorry to my dear Irving who has been made to tolerate my phonic absences!

To cheer you up, a lovely song I found just for you:

For you’re my tale too good to be true…~It’s a tale in itself that we’ve found each other. We could just as easily have never met…or was our meeting set before we were born? Who knows? Not you. Who knows? Not I. We know nothing now, we know nothing today.

Somehow, reading this reminded me of us shuckling oysters in your kitchen or eating strawberry pokky near International Hall. And today I was reading a psychology book on how people think favourably of others if we are in their company while having our meals. We are more like cats than we realize!

Pardon my very feline slant, for Carlo Rino recently launched a kitty-friendly bag collection entitled ‘Pawfect Friendship” which features little paw prints over cute little totes and bags! My favourite item of the collection has to be this red kitty carrier…if my cat sat in it it would have been her proudest moment in sleek red!

I was so happy to find that I had won Carlo Rino’s recent photograph competition, and I received a dear little kitty document folder with those little paw prints I mentioned and a kitty keychain! I adore it to bits, and, ironically, will be keeping it away from Tempura!

On the same crimson path, I love my Wizard of Oz red shoes. I designed the bow myself, you know, and drew the cut and gave the measurements. I am fanatical about shoe molds I love, so I have the same pair in pale nude, and mustard. Dreadfully boring, but in my mind they are like Cluedo characters…Was it Lady Scarlet, and Colonel Mustard?

photo1.png picture by masphphoto4.png picture by masph

**psss….see that package to the side? Its a new bag I got from a trade! I’m a magpie for a reason, and this bag makes my wings flutter! I’ve never been a big fan of Coach, but I fell hook, line and sinker when I saw their version of the Pink Spotlight XL Tote…(you have to admit you’ll carry it, E!)

More pictures soon when I take it for mid-week adventures!

Miss America takes the stand…

I spent the day after lectures procrastinating generally and reading Agatha Christie’s Spider Web (absolutely captivating book, I finished it in one sitting and it is my favourite play of hers to date!) and Robert Cialdini’s Influence (quite an interesting start, though it reads abit like the Encyclopedia of Cults) over shrimps and clam chowder at LJS. Following, I stormed around rooms and did my usual fanatical round of laptop polishing and labelling of files (the earnestness of my new personal life documentation systems) and futile instruction of Cat. Suddenly at 3am, it dawns on me after tossing and turning over a furry feline body that I have too much on my mind, and I suddenly feel inspired to finish my client’s conveyancing attendance note at 3am. So really, my discipline is a strange creature like that.

I wish I am more consistent, and yet I secretly feel glad I have secret bouts of passion, even as I feel guilty over the lumps of inactivity inbetween where I sip of apple juice and think of nothing, and think that Agatha Christie novels are indeed, contributing something to the mind (in truth they are just my guilty pleasure).  It would be interesting, finding out the little guilty pleasures of strangers.

I haven’t written detailed letters to the people I’ve meant to, or attended the dinners and jazz events I’ve promised to, or the afternoon teas I’ve craved for. Its a busy period this few weeks, hopefully the tide will change the next few weeks!

Meanwhile, an adorable video, which includes, amongst other, the art of self cross-examination and diversity as perceived by Miss America:

Marina Bay Sands

Roses turn;

I know there has been plenty of bad love on Glee for musical lovers, but I do adore Kurt Hummel in this version of Roses Turn, he is my little Mr. Cellophane for the stage! He feels a little timeless, part of the new and yet reminiscient of the magic of the old. What do you think?

Yesterday and before it was a mad rush to finish my criminal procedure tutorial! Today it will be a mad rush to finish my conveyancing attendance note. And don’t laugh at me, for I woke up thinking of waffles with treacle and jam.

Marcus and I received news of our passes in the CFA examination! We are both so relieved and for me it will be a good break before the next level (I figured that I won’t be able to prepare in time for next June’s examination, given my December examinations), and kudos to Marcus for getting an excellent score in his papers! Marcus has been my shifu in this period especially since he learnt many of the concepts for CFA in his finance degree, and often he would laugh at me in my weird way of thinking and deducing about questions haha!

Some absolutely impractical collections in my recent wardrobe…including some adorable gifts from K (and the pink charm barbie necklace!) 

And  the lovely pair of blue Marie Antoinette shoes which I haven’t been able to wear yet (but I love the handiwork of O.H who did a beautiful job with the bows). You might remember this pair, Beansprouts!

I so understand this little passage TLP wrote…

They don’t understand, when they give it to you, that they bleed out all the joy. That stars become specks of sand and flowers fade to paper cuts. Magic should never be homework, then it wouldn’t be magic. Homework de-magics things, you see, even if you write it with quill and yellow parchment, it comes out all inkblots. I need to know about ships, and about conjurers and manticores, but I just want to play outside and read my books and sing. Forgetting shoulds and s’posed tos. It never goes away, you know, even when you’re all grown up, they just stop checking up on you. Somehow that makes it harder.


Magic by Skylark

“I don’t believe in coincidence.” Rose said “it’s messy and meaningless, a cosmic excuse for anything too difficult to explain.” She bit the blade of grass in half, savouring the bittergreen flavour.
“Then what do you call it,” asked the red haired boy “if it isn’t just an accident?” He liked the way the sun fringed her eyelashes, which were unusually pale and long. If he could he wanted to keep this conversation going forever, just the two of them on the bridge, but the sun would set eventually.
“Magic!” she whispered, with a frightening intensity. “I believe in Magic, and Fate and golden apples and Hades and unicorns in the glen.” She looked at him, waiting for a response. He didn’t laugh, instead he tossed his leaf in to the stream and watched it drift lazily beneath them and out of sight.