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4 generations of dhs at 1 table!~

I met up with some friends on Sunday night, and we decided to visit Eat Cheez (name?) which serves a variety of cheese-themed main courses and desserts. It was also a rather unique affair, as I met up with my old friend Michelle again whom I have not met for close to five years!

Here was my outfit for the day…AP Cosmetics…~ I wore lesser accessories than usual as it was near the evening : ) I also did not wear it with a blouse this time…~ as we were already dying from the sweltering heat! 0.0

Yes….we are all from 4 different generations of the same high school…can you guess the exact order of seniority? I’ve been *told* however to keep it a secret ; ).

Three of us turned up in rori, and here are some pictures to share : ).

The sweet and lovely Karmen in this amazing bustle skirt she tailored from a European girl, Dusty and I were gushing on its quality and its perfect fit…and I love her adorable bear bag! Karmen does classic with a lovely aristocratic edge I really like, each time I meet her. : ) [ps: there is a sudden change of camera filters as the light was too glaring, please forgive]

I am particularly in love with her red rose hair accessory : ) I think its fab!

Dusty was in a pretty BTSSB sailor combi~ who wouldn’t love navy and white!~

Alcie also came over for a peek…they had just came from kite flying!~ Its a pity I missed getting a picture of Alcie’s lovely Strawberry Cream combi…

My good friend D claims there is an Australian song which goes…”I want I want I want my bare backed ribs…”


Which dear Karmen seemed to enjoy!~ (expressive hand is probably Dusty’s)

Michelle introduced here!~~~ : D Our fourth dhs girl : )

Later that night, we trooped off to Michelle’s house for a game of munchkins and boogle…I love boogle! I haven’t really played it for long periods but it is so fun trying it again. And munchkin is really a hilarious game with weird game weapons like lemming juice…(here’s a secret shot of Dusty in serious concentration…(is she trying to steal Karmen’s treasure??)

Thats all for now!~ Thanks for looking : )


Jsk: AP
Necklace: Ribbonholic
Headdress: Black Parasol
Boots: Rose Chocolat
Bags: Swimmer/Offbrand
Socks: AP