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I have this song which has been playing in my mind since morning. I think it is Tchaikovsky, but it might be Mozart. Or wait was it Beethoven? Hmm. Ok the next time we speak Beansprouts remind me to hum it for you so you can tell me what it is.


End of the day! Managed to finish a list of interview questions for the suspect which I had been painfully working on. But I think it is a good overall experience, and I now understand alot more on margin trading and the technicalities involved. But working last night helped, because I could work on and fix specific sections of the questions draft today.

Wanted to be sure I had no mistakes before I submitted to the boss, so I checked 10 times this time, Beansprouts. I hope I didn’t miss anything =_=’

Eesh I feel so stressed everyday. Thinking back, writing law essays was so much easier! Talk about school education not being applicable to work life.

The new guy I mentioned Beansprouts, (or did I) who was frightfully hardworking in university and finished an accounting and his CFA qualification in university (equivalent to finishing a conversion course, bar course AND pupillage which only 30% of each international cohort will pass) – I found out yesterday while going home that he was from the same high school and junior college as me (despite being three years my senior)! And he had the same literature teacher, Mrs Vora, as I did.

I loved Mrs Vora. She always secretly told me I was her favourite student too *hee : ). She taught Romeo and Juliet and she was so thorough and inspiring our whole class couldn’t help but fall in love with the subject too. We even did roleplay, and I will always remembering being Tybalt in a group of six girls where L was a dashing Romeo, and E a sweet Juliet! We laughed so hard after that experience, and by the exams, could quote whole scenes at a go, without stopping for even a comma. What an inspiring teacher can do for students.

I think having a teacher like her was part of the reason why literature came to be my favourite subject in high school and junior college. Possibly even now, in fact. : )

On the guy….eh…he really has the Dunman High ‘mugger’ spirit, doesn’t he?

Christmas Decorations (part 2)

I don’t feel like writing, so am sharing more Christmas decorations from the office this year!

Yes, I love Christmas and wish it could last forever (ie. no Chinese New Year with no fa fa cai songs).

I mentioned in a previous entry about the gorgeous architectural landscape which one of the teams created, and here is another one I like:

A whole sleigh made out of recyclable materials!

I am envious of those who went skiing this Christmas, I want to go somewhere with snow too! I miss snow days!


10.40pm and

I’m still feeling down about everything. I miss my little room in London, I want to read a good book in silence, I wish I could change my family, I wish I could keep my cat, I wish for so many things.

I feel trapped most of the time Beansprouts, I miss the feeling of being free.

But just when I feel like that, you will be my SP. My special person, but more so my SP (you know what it really stands for haha!)

Must settle down to work. I’ll play Chopin for hours if I have to.

Being maligned is not the nicest feeling. I feel quite terrible after trying so hard, in fact.

How is studying for your papers, Beansprouts? Will call you a little afterwards to harass you (and test you on evidence law), haha.

Seamstress and photographer of the day;

I have so many things to share lately, which I’ll definitely come to in time~! But despite my little vow to stop spending, my heart definitely stopped for a moment when I saw Basje’s lovely pink tulle and velvet creation…and you know I have a weakness for anything tulle…

But I also stopped by her page, and was definitely blown away by her beautiful creations and photography…and her style is a blend of seeming vintage, egl and Dita – which I am simply thrilled by. I grew up loving vintage inspired pieces, and I love the way she picks up the colour red and layers her pictures with warm overtones…

Hard boiled sweets…my favourite…

I still remember J and the jar of watermelon sweets by his table… : )

She has her own page under Basje in Etsy but she can also be found in livejournal under this namesake : ) I will definitely do a review of the pink skirt when it arrives!

With my little pink Exilim it is definitely insufficient to capture any of the beauty above, but meanwhile shall stay in the position to appreciate the beautiful pictures shared by Basje and others : ) until I can overcome my apprehension of getting an slr (woe is the luddite myself).

Red is my new favourite colour (Beansprouts, in the time I’ve known you, how many times have I changed favourite colours?) and my Christmas present from my parents this year came in this colour!~

Red hearts on tulle~~~

A fur piece to keep warm this Christmas!~ Though ST will scold me for it is impractical and utterly irreverant yes?

And do you recognize the new member of the office bag family? : )

When I was 12, I remember asking a teacher I disliked what colour was her favourite, on the way to a basketball game, and she replied…’rainbow’. Despite disliking her throughout my p5 and p6 years, I think in that moment I found myself liking her, alas that moment did not last till the end of the ball game…. X D

Even my cat is wearing a red collar after her Sunday bath today! She is such a spoilt baby and keeps mewing for hugs today… : )

EOY 09′ (part 1)

This post is for d_l, will upload more photographs from the event later once I have an opportunity~! : )

I attended EOY 09 today with my work colleague J, and had loads of fun!~ Much thanks to Tim and his amazing team, EOY managed to go on this year. Its been three years since I last attended EOY! And so much has changed since then.

I missed the lolita runway as I was too tired after several hours 0.0 …I wonder how all the cosplayers do it!~ I have some favourites, will post them up hopefully soon.

But in the meanwhile, just to share some outfit shots for d_l… (please forgive my dying camera, I keep meaning to change and get a better one, but can’t figure out which I should get!)

And a close up of accessories~~ : )

OP: Angelic Pretty White Memorial Cake~
Cuffs: Angelic Pretty
Beret: Angelic Pretty
Necklaces: Herajika, Ribbonholic
Flower brooches: Shirley Temple
Shoes: Offbrand, a random Korean shop : )

Ring: A keepsake from Vienna
Bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Pannier: Li Ping
Tights: Daiso